My husband, John Talley, and I, Christine Talley, have recently begun to breed Texas Longhorn cows. John is a structural steel fabricator who had a long time relationship with Ben Gravett , for steel erection. Being busy in his steel business, John found little time for mowing his pastures at his farm in Boonsboro, MD. So about ten years ago, one of Ben’s good friends, Corky Crumbaugh, brought the first Texas Longhorns up to John’s farm to help out with the grass mowing. I met John about six years ago and after a couple of years, my two sons, Hans and Reiner and I moved into the farm. I was instantly enamored with the cows’ unique personalities and their elegant horns.

We contemplated breeding our own herd and finally decided to make our first purchase at G&G Longhorns in honor of Ben in 2014. Bear Davidson gave us an informative tour of the G&G herd. We were in awe of the many cows and their magnificent horns. That was the defining moment we were eager to learn as much as we possibly could to breed our own quality Texas Longhorns. We immediately purchased a calf and a heifer from Bear. Shortly after, we attended G&G’s Fall Roundup and had our first introduction into the longhorn community. Not only did we learn much about raising, breeding, marketing, setting up cattle pens and branding, we met wonderful people. We have already forged some close friendships with other breeders.

The next defining moment was our first Texas Longhorn auction. Ann Gravett and Bear graciously invited us to the Legacy Sale. Words cannot describe the impact the Legacy Sale had on us. With all the grandeur and excitement, we hardly slept all weekend. The cows were amazing and all the people we met were so genuine and helpful. The breeders demonstrated strong family bonds and longtime friendships. It occurred to me, breeding longhorns is more than reproducing cows it is also about family and relationships. Enthusiasm soon became obsession. We already had a strong passion for our cows, but now more importantly breeding and participating in the longhorn community has added a new and exciting dimension to our lives. We want to build something special.

Our goal is simple, to enjoy and learn so that we breed for quality and the future of Texas Longhorn generations. We plan to breed by artificially inseminating our females with great bulls while continuing to acquire cows with solid genetics to enhance our herd.
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