Delta Lucky Ace

Date of Birth:
RFI 840 003 004 468 645 ITLA...A.I. Certified #2076 TLBAA ...A.I. Certified #927
Owner Name:
Hoosier Longhorns
Hoosier Longhorns
PH #:
Reg #1:
Reg #2:
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Award DateEvent LocationAward
10/23/20152015 ITLA Futurity1st...Class 13
10/02/2015Lawton, OK1st Class 6 Futurity 2015 Horn Showcase
08/07/2015Rocky Mountain Winchester Futurity 20151st in Class 10
06/20/2015Winchester Futurity of the North 20151st in Class 9
05/22/2015The Millennium Futurity 20151st in Class 5
03/27/2015Southeast Winchester Futurity 20151st class 9
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Tip to Tip86.000009/26/2020 Hoosier Longhorns
Tip to Tip85.250004/25/2020  
Tip to Tip84.000005/14/2019  
Tip to Tip83.187512/11/2018  
Tip to Tip82.937510/04/2018TLBAA HSCLawton, OK
Tip to Tip82.000006/02/2018  
Tip to Tip80.125008/18/2017  
Tip to Tip78.750004/14/2017  
Tip to Tip78.500004/02/2017  
Total Horn87.375004/02/2017  
Tip to Tip77.375012/10/2016  
Tip to Tip76.750009/19/2016  
Tip to Tip75.000006/27/2016  
Tip to Tip67.500010/23/20152015 LWCOklahoma City, OK
Total Horn72.937510/23/20152015 LWCOklahoma City, OK
Tip to Tip66.750010/02/20152015 Horn ShowcaseLawton, OK
Total Horn71.062510/02/20152015 Horn ShowcaseLawton, OK
Tip to Tip64.250008/10/2015  
Tip to Tip62.250007/13/2015  
Tip to Tip59.250005/30/201519 months 
Tip to Tip57.875005/20/2015  
Tip to Tip57.000005/11/2015  
Tip to Tip53.750004/11/2015  
Tip to Tip50.750003/11/2015  
Total Horn51.750003/11/2015  
Tip to Tip47.500002/07/2015  
Tip to Tip46.125001/21/2015#870 
Tip to Tip44.000012/31/2014  
Tip to Tip42.500012/11/201413 months 11 days 
Tip to Tip38.000010/28/2014  
Treatment DateMedicationDosageSerial NumberNotes
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